A home unlike any other

One of Sri Lanka’s most opulent accommodation promises a truly indulgent getaway⁠ - settle into an iconic dwelling and reconnect with a deep sense of culture and history.

With five steps, one could leave the ramparts of Galle Fort and enter the front door of this 120 year old villa sprawling over a palatial 6,000 Sqft, not counting its well-appointed three courtyards; is a testament to sacred geometries and a multitude of fine architectural details.



Nestled within the UNESCO Galle Fort, one of the oldest living forts in the world, No. 77 Leyn Baan is situated just a 2-hour drive away from Bandaranaike International Airport. For those seeking a more scenic route, guests have the option to embark on a seaplane transfer to Koggala, or indulge in a picturesque hour-long helicopter ride.

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A Thousand Stories

In the heart of the Galle Fort - uncover the best of this famous UNESCO World Heritage Site, one of Sri Lanka’s most precious treasures. Enjoy the true flavors of the South Coast with our curated culinary offerings, working exclusively with the best restaurants in the Fort, we endeavor to promote local business and know-how while ensuring you receive a truly authentic experience.

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