Dine at The Six

Indulge in an exquisite culinary journey at our beachfront villa on Sri Lanka’s southern coast. Immerse your senses in a fusion of local and international flavour, all while enjoying the picturesque coastal ambiance.

Dine at The Six
With 24-hour dining service, savour the epitome of Sri Lankan gastronomy, featuring fresh local ingredients, expertly crafted into unparalleled culinary masterpieces.

Explore a curated menu served by our traveling bar or indulge in personalised concoctions crafted by in-villa mixologists, delivering the perfect blend of exotic flavors.
Dine at The Six
The Six offers 24-hour service, featuring the finest in local and pan-Asian fan favourites.
  • Enjoy an all encompassing menu curated by the finest local chefs. With pan-asian as a base and filled with traditional fan favourites.
  • We are exceptionally proud of our Sri Lankan cuisine, make sure to try the local delicacies, from nostalgic childhood fan favourites to Ayurvedic meals.
  • Our seafood is sourced locally, just 15 mins from the property. Enjoy the freshest produce and our humble spin on an already great ingredient.
  • Our breakfast menu has been a fan favourite, with a thoughtful blend of international staples with a local flair.
  • Try out our kids menu, and when it's movie time, our snack selection turns your little ones into cinema connoisseurs – because popcorn is just the beginning of their tasty journey!
  • Our traveling bar is available at all times for that sneaky cocktail or an evening of levity; it’s your choice. Our in house mixologists are trained to surprise and delight.
  • Special Occasion? Or just feel like it, talk to us about our experiential dining.
  • Enjoy a starlit dinner on the beach, action station, open flame cooking or even a white glove dinner service; the world is your oyster.
Exceptional Dining & Unparalleled Sophistication
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