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Indulge in southern Sri Lanka: Dive into memorable experiences with The Six.

Things To Do
Mastering the Art: Traditional Mask Crafting and Painting
Experience the ancient art of mask making in Sri Lanka. Learn traditional techniques from local craftsmen near the island's southern shore.
Things To Do
Oceanic Odyssey: Whale Watching Adventure
The southern coast of Sri Lanka is globally recognised as one of the best places to see blue whales.
Things To Do
Unveiling History and Beauty
Explore the centuries-old fort with a fifth-generation resident, delving into its history, community, hospitality, and way of life.
Things To Do
Golden Hour Sunset Voyage
Embark on a serene sunset cruise along the picturesque coastline. Relax as the golden hues paint the sky, casting a magical glow over the tranquil waters.
Things To Do
Flavors of the Locale: Authentic Cooking Experience
Come embark on a culinary journey with our distinguished host in Galle, celebrated for her culinary expertise.
Things To Do
Timeless Tales: Traditional Puppetry Performance
Witness a captivating puppet performance, a journey into Ambalangoda's cultural soul through imagination, tradition, and wonder.
Things To Do
Wave Haven: Surfing Paradise at Six Midigama
Experience the thrill of surfing in Midigama, a surfer's paradise nestled along Sri Lanka's picturesque southern coast.
Things To Do
Experience our tailormade experiences showcasing the finest of Sri Lanka’s nature, culture and heritage.